~About Our Mission~

Hello to all you amazing women out there!

My name is Ellie and I am the founder of FlyVibz Lingerie. We are so happy to meet all of your beautiful faces. When we started our company we wanted to give women the opportunity for self-love, so that became our mission. No matter what size you are or where you are from we offer something special for everyone. We know you have many places you can shop and that's why we are so thankful that you are here with us. As mothers, career women, business owners, or students our time is our most valuable possession. We want to provide a fun and efficient shopping experiance for all of our beautiful Dragonfly's.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us. Welcolme to our FlyVibz family!

Change The World

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Transform Collection

Transform Collection

Activate your fiery side with our Transform Collection. Get some great energy... 

Beautiful U Collection

Beautiful U Collection

Flyvibz supports self-care for woman with our amazing vegan, cruelty free products.... 

About Our Name

Our name is about what we believe in!

~ F.L.Y. - First Love Yourself. Then let us love you!

~ Vibz - Sending good Vibz out to the world.

~ Lingerie - Where comfort and elegance meet beautiful, hard-working women.

  • ~F.L.Y.~

    First Love Yourself, then let us love you too!

  • ~Vibz~

    We want to send good Vibz out to the world.

    Beautiful hand made products and lingerie are made every day around the world by amazing hard-working people. Flyvibz is traveling to countries and towns around the world to create diversity in our supply chain. We are partnering with communities and families who are struggling and assisting them in becoming manufacturers fo Fly Vibz LLC products. We are tapping into the resources of the world to give back by helping these communities and spreading love. Stay tuned for our beautiful around the world page coming soon!

  • Lingerie

    Where comfort and elegance meet beautiful, hard-working women. Part of our mission is to allow women with limited time to practice self-love. We want to make your shopping experience amazing because we know you're busy being amazing women. We want each item to be something special you never want to part with!